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Wish you had a clientele that would actually pay you what you’re worth?

 Tired of working long hours, seen a ton of clients, but can barely cover your office expenses?

Throughout history, professionals in the fields of medicine, nursing, counseling, education, coaching and law have been overworked and underpaid for their services, even when they transition into entrepreneurship.  Sadly, graduate school prepared you to help and serve others, but missed the mark in showing students how to start and run successful private practices.  Well I'm here to show you how to build and grow your service based business, while shattering the poverty mindset you've grown accustomed to; because you can serve AND get paid !

My Story

I’ve loved every minute of my journey...

January 1996

I started a mental health private practice specializing in working with female survivors of sexual assault. 

A graduate of Tulane University School of Social Work, I started a private practice that provided counseling services to female survivors of sexual assault for 20 years. In this capacity, I also provided consulting, contract services and professional trainings to the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's Office, The Stop Rape Crisis Center, the Department of Children and Family Services, and the National Association of Social Workers. I also served as an Assistant Professor and Instructor at Bard College, Indiana Wesleyan University, Louisiana State University and the Southern University A&M College System where I taught field education, research and social entrepreneurship on both an undergraduate and graduate level.   

MARCH 2004

I opened the 3rd African American Book Store in Baton Rouge Rouge, Louisiana.

I co-founded The Roots Bookstore in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The mission of the store was to provide an atmosphere where African Americans could come together to learn and grow as a community.  Featured authors included Dr. Ivory A. Toldson, former Executive Director for the White House Initiative on HBCU's and bestselling urban fiction writer, Karlyn LeBlanc.  

APRIL 2007

I founded a publishing company and released the first of 8 publications.

After being told NO by several publishing companies, I started Shero Productions and self-published my first book, Sideline Ho, which went on to become a best selling African-American novel.  Under Shero Productions, I also published my first business book, Lipstick, Heels & Hustle: A Woman's Guide To Entrepreneurship.

October 2016

After 20 years, I closed my private practice and transitioned into working with entrepreneurs. 

Burned out, I realizing that I had served my community for over 20 years as a therapist and college professor, and that it was time to move in a different direction.  So I closed the doors to my practice and retired my shingle and transitioned into a field that allows me to utilize all of my skills, knowledge and expertise beyond walls, boundaries and politics in a virtual space.  As an online business strategist, in 2018, 87% of the students who participated in my virtual academy started their own business and 83% of my private coaching clients became successful business owners or experienced an increase in revenue in their business.

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Dr. Carey Yazeed

Business Strategist

Southern University, B.S. Psychology, 1991

Tulane University, M.S.W. 

Social Work, 1992

Louisiana State University, Ph.D

Higher Education Leadership 

Research, 2015

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